This is Them: K&F, Klaasz and Floor; two cutting-edge designers from fast-paced Amsterdam, now based in laid-back Nelson. K&F have run their own design studio for 10 years, working on a wide range of projects across the world. They are fans of clean, stylish design and like producing colourful, clever work with strong visuals. If you’re looking for something different they have the ingenuity, drive and stylistic dexterity to make it happen.

For Dutch clients K&F offer a proven track record in the market as well as the ability to use the time difference to help hit critical deadlines. For New Zealand clients they bring world class design standards and refreshingly different visual solutions. Wherever their clients are based, K&F offer a friendly, no-fuss service. They are easy to deal with, easy to contact and can manage an entire project from concept to finished design.

Klaasz and Floor have complimentary talents and personalities. While one of them will be the key contact for a client, they will both bring individual skills to the table to ensure that each piece of work gets the attention it deserves. Besides graphic design, Klaasz loves VJ-ing, silkscreen printing, kite surfing and lots of tea with sugar and milk. Floor loves photography, growing veggies, cooking up a storm and exploring new territories. Together, they are passionate about all kinds of things like comic books, typography, pinot gris and double glazing :)

This site will give you a snapshot of the kind of projects K&F have been involved in to date. Please feel free to contact them if you’d like to discuss what they can do for you.

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